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什么是PRP? What is PRP?
PRP(Platelet-Rich Plasma),富血小板血浆。通过自身静脉血采集、离心,得到浓缩血小板因子的血浆,其中含有高浓度的血小板,白细胞和纤粘蛋白。将浓缩血小板血浆注射回到人体内后,血小板得到激活,会释放大量生长因子和细胞因子,白细胞具有抗感染功能,纤粘蛋白可以提供细胞支架,加速受伤部位损伤修复。 By collecting and centrifuging their own venous blood, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is obtained, which contains high concentrations of platelets, white blood cells, and fibronectin. After injecting PRP back into the human body, platelets are activated and release a large number of growth factors and cytokines. White blood cells protect your body against infection, and fibronectin functions as an important scaffolding protein to facilitate the healing process of injured areas.
为什么要使用PRP疗法? Why PRP?
The concentrated nutrients provided by PRP can create a better regeneration environment for tissues, increase the absorption of inflammatory substances, and promote the proliferation of repair cells, angiogenesis, wound healing, and collagen synthesis.

Given the use of self-extracted blood, it will not produce immune rejection reactions and the treatment is safe and effective. It is mainly used to treat mild to moderate systemic joint degeneration and joint injuries.
如何操作? How to operate?
As a proven treatment method, PRP has obtained FDA clearance in the United States and CE certification in Europe, and has been widely and clinically validated in various regions. In recent years, this method has also been introduced and gradually adopted in China. The extraction of PRP requires strict aseptic procedures, which is the first step to safety. The effectiveness of PRP injection depends on the concentration of platelets extracted, the operating technique and equipment. China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) requires the use of Class III medical devices, namely the highest level of medical devices in terms of sterile safety, for the preparation and production of PRP.

In addition to standardized medical procedures, Sinarmas Healthcare PRP injections are extracted from high purity and performed under the guidance of ultrasound to achieve advanced repair and regeneration of articular cartilage and ligaments
适合哪些人群? Who can benefit from PRP?
在运动医学治疗方面,PRP适合运动关节、肌肉损伤以及术后康复的患者,可以治疗骨关节炎、慢性肌腱损伤、慢性创面、关节内软骨损伤等。如运动损伤、慢性损伤、关节炎、滑膜炎、软骨损伤、网球肘、肩周炎、 跟腱炎、跟痛症、肩袖损伤、椎间盘退变、腱鞘炎和股骨头坏死。 In terms of sports medicine treatment, PRP is suitable for patients with sports joints/muscle injuries, and those during postoperative rehabilitation. It can be used to treat osteoarthritis, chronic tendon injuries, chronic wounds, intra-articular cartilage injuries, etc, such as sports injuries, chronic injuries, arthritis, synovitis, cartilage injuries, tennis elbow, shoulder periarthritis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, rotator cuff injuries, intervertebral disc degeneration, tenosynovitis, and femoral head necrosis.
在哪里可以进行PRP治疗? Where to get PRP therapy?
PRP的治疗效果跟采集率及活化率都有关,需要由专业机构的专业医务人员操作。同时,浓缩度需要至少达到全血的5-6倍才会发挥生物学效应,在试管中仅有一薄层。患者在选择进行PRP治疗时,需要谨慎选择正规机构和专业医生。 The therapeutic effect of PRP is related to the collection rate and activation rate, and needs to be operated by medical personnel from professional institutions. At the same time, the concentration needs to reach at least 5-6 times that of whole blood to produce biological effects, with only one thin layer in the test tube. Patients need to be careful and choose licensed institutions and professional doctors for PRP treatment.