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Sinar Mas Group
金光集团 (Sinar Mas Group) Sinar Mas Group

由印尼华侨黄奕聪先生于1938年创立, 现已拥有数百家法人公司。金光集团投资范围遍及亚洲、北美、欧洲与澳洲等地,经过不断创新发展,集团已形成七大核心产业:制浆造纸业、金融业、农业及食品加工业、房地产业、能源与基础设施、移动通讯和健康医疗。


金光医疗的Eka Hospital品牌为印尼发展最快的连锁医院之一。自2008年成立以来,Eka Hospital为当地众多社区提供医疗服务,诊疗患者超过400万名。同时,Eka已通过国际联合委员会(JCI)认证,以国际领先的诊疗标准和安全规范,为患者提供高级别的诊疗服务。

Sinar Mas Group was founded by Chinese Indonesian entrepreneur Mr. Eka Tjipta Widjaja in 1938. It has now grown into a brand of hundreds of companies. With investments in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia, the innovative conglomerate is active in seven business pillars: Pulp & Paper, Financial Services, Agri-business & Food, Developer & Real Estate, Energy & Infrastructure, Communications & Technology, and Healthcare.

The group entered China in 1992.

Eka Hospital, part of Sinar Mas Group's healthcare business, is one of the fastest-growing hospital chains in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 2008, the hospital has provided medical services to over 4 million patients in local communities. Additionally, it has earned the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for its internationally leading diagnosis and treatment standards and safety protocols, and for its delivery of high-quality care to patients.