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As the first medical clinic of Sinar Mas Group in China, Sinarmas Healthcare is committed to becoming a national leader in sports medicine. The clinic is located on the North Bund of Shanghai. It has 3,400 square meters of high-quality medical environment and a spacious specialized rehabilitation center, 100-level laminar flow operating rooms and internationally advanced medical equipment. Technically guided by American rehabilitation concepts, we bring together Chinese sports medicine experts from grade three and first class hospitals and experienced local and international rehabilitation medical teams. With innovative technologies and excellent services, Sinarmas Healthcare focuses on sports prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. It uses specialized and personalized medical solutions to support healthy and quality life for patients and their families, and to provide professional athlete-level medical services for those passionate about sports.

金光医疗的价值观 Our Values
创新,效率,卓越,尊重,协作,诚信 Innovation, Efficiency, Excellence,
Respect, Collaboration, Integrity
金光医疗的使命 Our Mission
以创新的技术和卓越的服务成为全国运动医学与健康生活的引导者 Become a national leader in sports medicine
and healthy living with innovative technology
and excellent service
金光医疗的愿景 Our Vision
. 以患者为中心的高质量医疗健康服务
. 个性化医疗服务与前沿医学技术结合
. 助力患者及其家庭实现卓越、积极、 良好的健康生活品质
. Patient-centred, high-quality healthcare services
. Personalized medical services combined with cutting-edge medical technology
. Empower patients and their families to achieve an excellent, active and healthy quality of life